We invite you to join the first Human Cell Atlas Developmental and Pediatric Cell Atlas meeting, August 25-27th, 2021. This meeting will bring together diverse communities of scientists to plan how to map human development from conception to adolescence, and how to apply this knowledge to important scientific challenges. We are particularly looking to engage developmental biologists and pediatric community members, as well as computational biologists, single-cell and imaging genomics experts, clinicians and ethicists who are interested in forging new collaborations to support this effort.

You can register for the meeting here.

To help people connect around key research areas, a large part of the meeting will involve scientific discussion at breakout sessions covering the following topics:

  • Regulatory mechanisms in development
  • Single-cell genetics to highlight genes, pathways, cell types and tissues
  • Understanding cellular decision making during development
  • Imaging and spatial omics technologies and applications
  • Lineage tracing, recording, clonal evolution, tagging and its applications
  • Abnormal development in humans
  • Clinical genetics – use of development and pediatric single-cell atlas data to identify disease-causing variants in patients
  • Regenerative medicine applications of the development and pediatric cell atlas
  • Developmental origins of health outcomes over a lifespan

If you have already registered, don’t forget to fill in your profile on the Event Platform website, including adding your picture, biography and your social media sites. This will help with networking during the event.

Registration is free and can occur up until the meeting time. Please share this message widely, including with trainees.