Eighth European Course in Clinical Dysmorphology & Eurodysmoclub : October 2020

The Eighth European Course of Dysmorphology and Eurodysmoclub is characterized by the presence of speakers who will address the question of who are the main experts in medical genetics: hence the name “What I Know Best”. The 8th edition was held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd October 2020 and was partly sponsored by the ERN ITHACA, which was presented by Pr Tjitske Kleefstra during the first session of the course (October 2nd).

In this new edition, the latest genetic conditions were discussed, identified thanks to the support of the most recent technological advances, such as the introduction of new generation sequencing methods.

As a reminder, the eighth European Clinical Dysmorphology Course and the Eurodysmoclub are two consecutive events :

  • The course “What I know best” aims to give participants an update and overview (genetic basis, diagnostic criteria, guidelines and natural history information) of selected rare genetic diseases, selected by the Scientific Committee, including newly identified conditions consisting of intellectual disabilities, epileptic encephalopathies and neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • The Eurodysmoclub represents a unique opportunity to bring the discussion of scientifically interesting clinical cases to the attention of experts from all over the world.

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