EJ PRD: Call for funding opportunity

We would like to share this call for a grant opportunity we have just received from the EJ PRD:

DDX3X pathogenic or likely pathogenic variations are responsible for intellectual disabilities in women, (also named Snijders Blok type of X-linked syndromic intellectual developmental disorder (MRXSSB); orphanet: 457260, OMIM: 300958) and more frequently in man.

Following the impulse of the American and French family associations, we wish to build a European consortium and apply to the EJP-RD.

If you are an expert in DDX3X related pathology or you follow people with DDX3X, we would be delighted to count you among our partners.

We will have a special focus on partners from Eastern Europe, which is a plus to apply to EJP-RD.

Our wish is to develop a European consortium in relation with associations and experts from the USA in order to better understand, describe and impulse the research around this rare disease.

For your information, the European conference about DDX3X will be held in Paris in september 2022.

If you wish to participate as a co-applicant in the EJP-RD, please contact Delphine MARTIN at ddx3x.xtraordinaire@gmail.com and to Chelsey McCarthy at chelsey@ddx3x.org  before the deadline of 30 November 2021.