ERN Study Group on Paediatric Anaesthesia for Rare and Complex Diseases

The ERN formation in 2017 has developed in accordance with the proposed structure by the patient organisations and EU ERN Office with 24 fields of Medicine and there is no specific ERN for Anesthesia or Pediatric Anesthesia.

However, for specific medical aspects in the care of our patients ERN cross workgroups and action groups are currently developed.
For Pediatric Anesthesia a similar approach might be set up and we send you hereby a request for participation.

We here mail the 24 ERN Coordinating teams and ask who would be interested and willing to be connected and participate in this endeavor for the ERN aspects and improvements in the field of Pediatric Anesthesia.

Please let us know your thoughts on this and do not hesitate to contact us if more information is needed or additional questions arise.
We also will ask our own ERN eUROGEN HCP Members and AP/Hubs who would be willing to participate from their HCP and who would be their HCP Pediatric Anesthesia contact person who would like to be involved.


• EU ERN Connections of experts in the field.
• Involvement in the development of data collections through the ERN Registries.
• Potential innovative research projects.
• Audits, creation/revision of guidelines and clinical decision support tools.
Preoperative assessment, premedication, anaesthetic techniques, pain management, surgical procedures, postoperative care, postoperative pain scores, destination of patients within the hospital (PICU, day case surgery, general ward), level of satisfaction of patients and parents.
• Prevalence and intensity of chronic pain in different categories of patients, diseases and surgical procedures.

We kindly ask you to provide your answers by using the following form and sending it to  before Monday 14th September 2020.