European Exchange Program: ERN ITHACA

The European Commission in cooperation with ECORYS has launched a Clinical Exchange Programme to share knowledge and stimulate collaborations between healthcare professionals within and across the ERNs.

The aim of the ERN Exchange Programme is to harmonize specific knowledge and reduce gaps in expertise. The basic idea is to transmit expert knowledge either by experts visiting other sites or by on-site training of junior professionals at experienced ITHACA’s centers. In this regard, PhD and MD’s students are also eligible.

Starting in March 2021, up to 44 one-week visit packages will be available to healthcare professionals from ITHACA member or Affiliated Partner centers over the coming two years. Travel expenses are covered by Ecorys, and the candidates have a per diem of €200/day. We will be able to propose two-weeks visits (that use 2 packages) but this should not be a rule.

The programme is open to clinicians and other groups of healthcare professionals and invites both junior trainees and senior experts.

The visitors have to be members of ERN ITHACA or Affiliated Partner institutions and the hosts must be an HCP that is affiliated to an ERN – you can get an overview of all HCPs (including other ERNs) via the following link .

We are looking forward to organizing the Clinical Exchange Programme for the benefit of the ERN ITHACA community.

For visit suggestions:

  • Fill the following online form: by describing your visit proposals on the 2nd sheet. Filling this online tool will be very helpful for the coordination team to follow instantly your suggestion, we strongly encourage you to use this option.
  • Suggestions from applicant HCPs and affiliated partners will also be welcome, as they will be involved in the program once their integration is formalized by the EC (July 2021).
  • Your feedback and suggestions are important in order to produce the strategy that best suits the needs of our experts. We will work with the WG7 (Research) on the selection of travel needs and topics
  • Please note that if we collect more than 44 proposals, we will spread the stays according to the countries’ geographical ratios, and give higher attention to the less well-off countries.

Important: Please have a look to the following link: FAQ.docx – Google Drive

And the first ERN Exchange Programme issued by ECORYS is available here

For any further information, please contact Marianne (Project Manager ITHACA) or the coordination team at: