ITHACA Annual board meeting

The next ITHACA annual board meeting wwill be hosted by Pr Dagmar WIECZOREK; The meeting is scheduled from 9:30 to 17:00 at the Düsseldorf University Hospital. It will take place in the auditorium building no. 12.46, ground floor ( campus map .)


Time Theme Speaker Subject
09:30 Welcome – coffee
10h-10h15 Dagmar Wieczorek Welcome address
10h15-10h45 ERN – Y3 Alain Verloes ITHACA Y3: status post pst transfer / new team / new members / evaluation / publication
10h45-11h00 Q & A
11h00-11h20 Guidelines Raoul Hennekam Development of Guidelines in ITHACA
11h20-11h30 Q & A
11h30-12h00 European Commission Enrique TEROL ERNs : european community viewpoint
12h00-12h15 Q & A
12h15-12h45 Patient council Patients voice in ITHACA
12h45-13h00 Q & A
13h-14h Sandwiches & drinks
14h00-14h20 ITHACA Registry Morris Swertz MOLGENIS and IT support
14h20-14h40 Alessandra Renieri ILIAD registry – Governance of registry and subregistries
14h40-14h50 Q & A
14h50-15h20 EJPRD Birute Tumiene Gdansk meeting: highlights – EJPRD- eLearning projects
15h20-15h30 Q & A
15h30-15h50 ORPHANET Gemma Milman Orphanet and ITHACA: avenues for collaboration
15h50-16h00 SysID and ITHACA Christiane Zweier Integrating SYSID in ITHACA galaxy
16h00-16h15 Q & A
16h15-16h30 Spina Bifida Andrea Manunta SB WG
16h30-16h40 Young geneticists Florence Riccardi Presentation of the YGG in ITHACA
16h40-17h00 All other Busines Q & A
17:00 End of the meeting