Rare Diseases Research Challenges – Networking Event Announcement :

This innovative call for projects is implemented to facilitate and fund collaboration between industry, academia, SMEs and patient organisations to address specific challenges in rare disease research.

The industrial partners have participated in the identification of four challenges that are the topics of the call for projects and which have been validated by the partners of the PLA-RD, including patient organisations. Collaborative consortia between the applicants (academics, SMEs, patient organisations) and the industrial partners involved will address the challenges in order to propose solutions. New partnerships are expected to generate scientific and technological innovations.

In order to initiate exchanges and/or the setting-up of consortia, a networking event will be organised during which challenges will be presented and meetings will be organised between potential applicants (academia, SMEs, patient organisations) and relevant industrial partners.

Registration for the networking event to be held on March 3rd is open! The deadline is 31 January 2020. 100 participants are expected. Representatives from academia, the clinical and public health sector, SMEs and patient organisations can register. The aim is to facilitate collaborations between stakeholders.

More information here: http://www.ejprarediseases.org/index.php/funding-schemes/rare-diseases-challenges/