SAVE THE DATE : ERN ITHACA Webinar #2 Care for the old : June 11, 5:00 to 6:30 PM

The next ITHACA webinar dedicated to adult and aging within Intellectual Disability, standardized geriatric assessment and care will be held on June 11th, 2021. The program includes new experts attendance and aims to enrich the ERN ITHACA Working Group on Intellectual Disability projects development.

Your expert contribution is an issue for improving the care of older adults with intellectual disabilities.

Target audience:

The webinar is intending for professionals, medical students, medico-social professionals, paramedical specialists. We will also be pleased to welcome ePAGs and Patient Council representatives.

Webinar Agenda:
  • 17h-17h10 

Webinar Introduction, by Pr Laurence Faivre (Dijon, France) WG8 “Teaching & Training”

Aging within Intellectual Disability

  • 17h10-17h30 Presentation

« Geriatric syndromes in older adults with ASD and ID – results from EFAAR study », by Dr Stéphanie Miot, MD, PhD, geriatrician, psychiatrist and neurobiologist –University Hospital of Montpellier, gerontology department, Montpellier, CESP (Epidemiology in public health centre) Paris, France.

  • 17h30 – 17h40

« The use of the comprehensive geriatric assessment tool “InterRAI-ID” to evaluate adults with rare disabling diseases » by Dr Angelo Carfi, Geriatrician at the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Gemelli IRCCS, Rome, Italy.


  • 17h40 – 17h50

Discussion with attendees animated by Dr Mathias C. Schlögl, MD, MPH, senior physician in geriatric medicine, board certification geriatric medicine, internal medicine, Center on aging and mobility, University Hospital Zurich and City Hospital Waid Zurich, University clinic for acute geriatric care, city hospital Waid Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland.

Intellectual Disability, care and recommendations

  • 17h50 – 18h00

Introduction on Intellectual disability, by Pr. Tjitske. Kleefstra (Nijmegen) and Dr. Dagmar Wieczorek (Dusseldorf) WG9 Intellectual disability, diagnosis and management. Launch of Sub Network ID on good practice recommendations for managing mentally disabled adults (SNW1 ID) led by Dr Stéphanie Miot and Dr Laura de Graaff-Herder.

  • 18h00 – 18h20

« Multidisciplinary care for ID adults with rare genetic syndromes », by Dr Laura de Graaff, MD, PhD, Medicine & Endocrinology for Rare Genetic Syndromes – Erasmus MC Rotterdam – the Netherlands

  • 18h20 – 18h30

Discussion & Wrap up

by Pr Giuseppe Zampino (Roma, Italy) WG8 “Teaching & Training.”


Registration details:

Registration free of charges although necessary before June 6th, 2021, following this form

Zoom Meeting details:

Meeting ID: 865 1292 2405

Access code: 860191

This webinar programme is structured around exchanges between professionals and clinical case studies.

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