Aims of the meeting

Since its inception (in 1980), the principal aim of this meeting has been to bring young clinical geneticists and trained dysmorphologists together to share their professional experiences and present their clinical challenges.

EuroDysmorpho is open to any presentation in the field of human development. Large series of patients and single, illustrative case reports are equally welcome.

The meeting offers ample opportunities for exchanges and discussion. This is facilitated by the unique setting of the Workshop and the friendly atmosphere, in the conference room or at the « late bar session ».

Everyone coming to the meeting is committed to present a communication and/or an « unknown » case report.

All participants must present a talk

The workshop program includes 80-90 oral presentations and a out 20-30 poster presentations.

Acceptance is on a first registered – first accepted basis.

The « unknown » sessions has evolved: informal unknowns can be replaced by « unknown case reports » , i.e. a platform presentation (max 15 slides – 7 min + 3 min of discussion) and a short abstract, that will be included in the abstract book.