The EU Reference Network ITHACA announces the first 2-day European workshop on the multifaceted care and research of genetic neurodevelopmental disorders. This meeting will be fully supported by the European Union to enhance cross-border and multidisciplinary knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Registration is now closed. Over 250 people signed up for the Workshop.

The steep increase in genetic diagnoses has implications for many clinical areas and directions of pre-clinical research. EuroNDD 2023 will therefore cover broad themes on intellectual disability and neuropsychiatry (autism spectrum disorders and early onset psychosis), data sharing and registries, transition of care, therapeutic developments and pre-clinical research in model systems.

This will stimulate a broad exchange between members of various disciplines such as geneticists, paediatricians, neurologists, psychiatrists and all other specialists involved in care and scientist in basic and translational research involving patients with neurodevelopmental disorders.

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