Roundtable Sessions

On 4 April 2024, Thursday afternoon you can participate at two roundtables.
In total there are 6 roundtables topics you can choose from.
The first round is from 16:30 till 17:30 and the second from 17:45 till 18:45.

The topics below are linked to the different sessions and offer the chance to dive in more detail into the topics that were briefly discussed on stage.

  1. Critical issues in diagnosis and treatment of NDDs
    Zeynep Tümer, Hülya Kayserili, Marco Tartaglia
  2. Identifying chances for optimization of transdisciplinary (health)care networks
    Katarzyna Świeczkowska, Anja Bos-Roubos, Ellen Wingbermühle, Jos egger
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of NDD with complex psychopathology
    Claudine Laurent-Levinson, Michael Owen
  4. What is aging – and why is it different in patients with rare genetic syndromes?
    Stephanie Miot, Laura de Graaff, Francesco Mattace Raso
  5. How to go beyond the genetic diagnosis for NDD
    Gaëtan Lesca, Maurizio Taglialatela, Cláudia Valente
  6. From gaps & challenges towards future avenues of interdisciplinary care
    Sylvia Huisman, Annette van der Putten

Please note that session 6 takes up both rounds.
In case you choose topic 6 you will only be assigned to this topic.

Curious what the roundtable discussions are about?
Click here to will find more details of the different roundtable discussion topics

Below a schematic overview when which roundtable discussion is where

RoundsRoom aRoom bRoom cRoom d
16:30 – 17:301346
17:45 – 18:4552 6

We will work in smaller groups and will have limited spaces available. We therefore ask you to indicate your preference of your top 3 topics in round 1 and round 2, in this way you are assigned to the session with your interests. The participants whom submitted an abstract are recommended to participate at the roundtable of linked to the session they present their work, and one other roundtable discussion topic if appreciated.

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