To achieve some of its objectives,  ITHACA also draws on other national/international/European initiatives:

  • Orphanet, a European website that provides an inventory and classification of rare diseases (RDs), with each entry having its own ORPHA code, an encyclopaedia of expert-authored and peer-reviewed review articles, various clinical guidelines, diagnostic criteria, guidance for genetic testing, disability factsheets etc., and a directory of services (clinics, laboratories, research projects, registries, clinical trials, patient organisations).
  • The European Joint Project on Rare Disorders (EJP-RD), an EU-wide, patient-centred co-funding initiative to foster research on RDs. The goals of EJP-RD include structuring actions with the ERNs. The EJP-RD Co-fund is implemented through a joint programme with 20 WPs grouped within four here to add your own text
  • The Solve RD H2020 initiative (“Solve-RD – solving the unsolved rare diseases”), a research project funded by the European Commission for five years (2018-2022) through the Horizon 2020 programme. ITHACA is a key contributing partner to this pan-European research project and the coordinator of ITHACA is an ex officio member of the Solve-RD Steering committee.