ERN ITHACA Webinar#3: The Solve-RD Program

Our third webinar on the SOLVE-RD Program will be held on November the 30th, from 5 PM to 6.30 PM CEST. Solve-RD – “Solving the unsolved rare diseases” is a research project funded by the European Commission for five years (2018-2022) and the ERN-ITHACA is dedicating its third webinar to this program.

Program of the webinar: 

  • Welcome and Introduction on SOLVE-RD – Dr Lisenka Vissers (Radboud university medical center Nijmegen, NL)
  • The impact of SOLVE-RD, ClinVar-based reanalysis of unsolved cases from the ERN-ITHACA Dr Anne-Sophie Denommé-Pichon (Dijon Hospital, FR) ; Novel gene discovery and functional follow-up RDMM, Dr Elke de Boer (Radboud university medical center Nijmegen, NL) ; OMICs integration, Dr Antonio Vitobello (Dijon Hospital, FR) ; discussion with all speakers
  • Towards a sustainable SOLVE-RD future – How to share data to maintain the successes (RD connect) ; Ongoing efforts where HCPs can contribute, Dr Lisenka Vissers ; Round Table discussion & Conclusion, Dr Lisenka Vissers and Pr Laurence Faivre (Dijon Hospital, FR)

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Meeting ID: 860 5895 8813

Passcode (if required): 719198