What is the CPMS?

The Clinical Patient Management System, known as CPMS, is an online case discussion tool, used to discuss complex patient cases within and across ERNs. It is a secure web-based application that supports European Reference Networks in the diagnosis and treatment of rare or low prevalence complex diseases or conditions across national borders.

Health professionals can use the CPMS to collaborate actively and share patient cases within and across ERNs. Only ITHACA members and ITHACA guest users can be authorized users of the CPMS. Access is strictly regulated to protect the data privacy rights of the patients.

In fall, a new simplified CPMS workflow will be operational.

ITHACA “customized dataset” (coming soon)

The current platform is not fully suitable to ensure the follow-up of ERN ITHACA patients. A specific dataset within the CPMS will be released in the end of 2020, developed by the specialists of ERN ITHACA in order to meet our needs.

How to get Set-Up and Log in to the CPMS?

To access the CPMS, users need to have a general “EU login” account through the  EU Login Authentication Service. Only authenticated users (EU Login) can request authorization (SAAS) from the ERN to use the CPMS.

  • Registered users can log in here https://cpms.ern-net.eu/login/
  • For non-registered users, please follow the steps described in the Guide for creating your EU Login, and for requesting access to CPMS.

Contact the ERN ITHACA CPMS Helpdesk

Additional Ressources

2- Training platform (only for registered users has private use):


  • Login: ithacahpcoord
  • Password: cpmsern

3- Documents to download

CPMS Welcome guide for new user
Patient consent form for data sharing
CPMS guide – EU login setup and CPMS access request
CPMS Guide – How to set up the CPMS
CPMS Guide – Panel creation protocol
CPMS guide – How to use the CPMS