07 November 2023
5:00 pm

Chaired by Dr. Agnies van Eeghen, Amsterdam University Medical Centre, The Netherlands and Chair of ERN ITHACA Guideline Workgroup.

In this webinar, we present the ERN-ITHACA view on clinical practice guideline methodology. What does the guideline development process entail and how do we ensure that our guidelines are methodologically sound? What does the endorsement procedure for existing guidelines look like? How will we include the experiences of our patient community and clinical experts? If you are involved in one of our guideline projects, or would like to get involved in the future, participation in this webinar is highly recommended!

We strongly recommend this Webinar to all HCP Teams wishing to develop EU Guidelines for the ITHACA ERN.


Welcome and Introduction (5.00-5.10 pm)
Speaker: Dr. Agnies van Eeghen (intellectual disability physician), Chair of WG Guideline
From: Amsterdam University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

Guideline methodology: how to start and finish an ERN-ITHACA clinical practice guideline, and how to take all roles into account (5.10-5.50 pm)
Speakers: Dr. Charlotte Gaasterland (guideline methodologist) & Mirthe Klein Haneveld (PhD candidate)
From: Amsterdam University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

ERN-ITHACA procedure for endorsement of existing clinical practice guidelines (5.50-6.00 pm)
Speaker: Dr. Katalin Szakszon (clinical geneticist & paediatrician), Co Chair of WG Guideline
From: University of Debrecen, Clinical Center, Paediatrics Clinic, Hungary

Time for questions and discussion (6.00-6.30 pm)
Conclusion with speakers and moderator

Date: Tuesday, 7 November 2023, 05:00-06:30 PM (French time)

Registration: online registration before 4 November 

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