8th International Meeting on Rare Disorders of the RAS-MAPK Pathway

The 8th International Meeting on Rare Disorders of the RAS-MAPK Pathway which will be held as a satellite workshop preceding the ESHG conference, which will be in Berlin this year.

The venue will be: Novotel Berlin am Tiergarten, Str. des 17. Juni 106-108, 10623 Berlin, Germany. The ESHG conference venue is quite close to this place and can be easily reached from there by light railway (5 stops, 10 minutes).

The meeting will start on Friday, June 5, and will end on Saturday, June 6, early afternoon, early enough for all attendees to make it to the opening session of the ESHG conference. There will be an expert panel session on Friday morning regarding guideline development. This part is also open for all interested participants of the main meeting. The organisers are in the process of compiling the program. Registration is already open from now.

As for the previous meetings the organisers will ask selected experts to present their research. You can see the main topics in the link below. Reports from patient support groups will also be included. A “late evening session” will be planned on Friday for interesting cases or short presentations as you know from previous meetings. If you have important research findings in the field of RASopathies you would like to present at the meeting or any suggestions for speakers, please contact the organisers. All suggestions will be considered during the process of compiling the programme.

If you are aware of colleagues who might also be interested, please feel free to forward this announcement to them. This distribution list has been composed mainly on the basis of the lists of attendees of previous meetings and cannot be complete. The announcement and program will also be placed on the conference website of the ESHG.

Announcement of the 8th International RASopathy Meeting in Europe